Rousham Gradens

roshan1Rousham House and the bowling green.

Rousham Gardens represent the first phase of English landscape design and remains almost as William Kent the garden designer left them. It is one of the few gardens of this date to have escaped alteration, with many features which delighted eighteenth century visitors to Rousham still to be seen.

rosh2The walled garden with its herbaceous borders, small parterre and pigeon house.

roshplan1. Rousham House, 2. Bowling Green 3. Lion and Horse, 4. Four seats.
5. Praeneste Terrace, 6. Dying Gladiator, 7. Arcade, 8. Octagon pond,
9. Upper cascade with Venus and Cupids, 10. Site of upper ponds, 11. Watery walk, 12, Cold Bath,
13, Temple of Echo, 14. Gothic seat, 15. Paladin doorway, 16. Heyford Bridge,
17. Statute of Apollo, 18. Long walk, 19. Lower Cascade, 20. Theatre by Bridgeman,
21. Pyramid, 22. Classic seat, 23. Walled garden, 24. Pidgeon House,
25. The Church.

rosh3Herbaceous borders

The garden is a delight with herbaceous borders, ponds and cascades in the Venus Vale, the Cold Bath and the seven arched Praeneste. On the skyline viewed from the house is a sham ruin known as the ‘Eyecatcher’.

rosh4The water courses

A garden of contemplation.