Kiftsgate Court Gardens

k1Kiftsgate House

To the north east of the house in the Rose Border, Rosa fillipes ‘Kiftsgate’ is to be found. The vigorous rose is claimed to be the largest in England.

k2The white sunken garden

The principal shrubs in the sunken garden all have white flowers, but the under planting is unrestrained in colour and in form. This is a very tranquil space on a warm sunny day. The well head that frames the fountain came from the Pyrenees.

Plan of the garden

kplan1. Four squares and terrace, 2. Wide Border, 3. White sunken garden, 4. Bridge border,
5. Rose border, 6. Kiftsgate Rose, 7. Water garden, 8. Yellow border,
9. North border, 10. Scotch Firs, 11. Banks, 12. Middle Banks,
13. Lower Garden, 14. Drive and Bluebell Wood.

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k3The water garden

The latest addition to the garden is the new water garden created from an old tennis court. In this enclosed space a restrained design in black, white and green provides a striking contrast to the abundance and colour elsewhere in the garden. Gilded bronze leaves float over the water providing slight movement in the wind.