Hidcote Gardens

k4Box and Yew

Hidcote garden is an Arts and Crafts garden created by the talented American horticulturalist, Major Lawrence Johnson.

Many of the plants found growing in the garden were collected from Johnson’s many plant hunting trips to far away places. It’s the perfect place if you’re in need of gardening inspiration.

h1The alpine terrace

Explore the maze of narrow paved pathways and discover secret gardens, magnificent vistas and plants that burst with colour.

Plan of the garden

hplan1. Courtyard, 2. Maple Garden, 3. The Long Walk, 4. The Red Border, 5. The Circle,
6. The Bathing Pool Garden, 7. The Theatre Lawn. 8. The Stilt Garden. 9. The Alpine Terrace.

Meander through the intricate gardens and into the wild flower meadows.

h3Wild flower meadows